Monday, July 16, 2012

Snap Shots of Wedding

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Randomness from the Fall

So, it appears that keeping up with the 'ol blog is going to be somewhat of a chore!  Between, school, work, ballet, swimming lessons, soccer, weekly birthday parties (or so it feels), and the everyday chores, time continues to slip away from me.  I can't believe it's already OCTOBER!  Um, where did summer go?  Here are a bunch of random pictures from Fall so far.  I will TRY harder to make a weekly blog promises though :-)

This isn't a "special" picture, just one where I thought Taylor looked so old.  She's growing up too darn fast!

We recently had Taylor's best friend, Taylor, spend the night.  Daddy was away on one of his hunting trips, the girls didn't have school on Friday, so we thought we'd give it a try.  They did GREAT!! 

School picture day...

I love the way Taylor looks when she first wakes darn sweet!!

During Labor Day weekend, one of my dear friends from childhood came to visit.  We took Taylor to get her ears pierced, and Taylor wanted to sit on Jessica's lap...

Getting a bit nervous...

All done!  She did great!  Cried a little, but not bad...I can't believe I don't have a picture of  right after we were done...oh well.

We ventured to Estes Park while Jessica was here...

I still have a lot more to share.  Stay tuned for more Fall updates.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend in Wyoming

This past weekend we headed North and enjoyed a weekend with our friends at their cabin in Wyoming.  The weekend was filled with ATV riding, hiking, swimming in the lake (the dogs), good food, friends, lot's of laughs and cooler temperatures.  It was a quick, but much needed getaway.  We are already looking forward to going back in a few weeks.

Taylor loved hiking and surprisingly did quite well.

Taylor, Adaeze and Chris checking out the old mines.

Taylor adores Adaeze!

Our fabulous host and friend, Diane.

Back at the cabin...

Taylor also grew attached to our friend, Stephanie.  Here they are playing a quick game of Dominoes before it was time to head back to the city!

We all had a great time and look forward to another weekend in Wyoming soon.  This time I will remember to leave the red ball cap at home, as hummingbirds will attack the head that the hat is on.  I will remember to bring the dogs kennel covers, as it's getting pretty darn cold up there in the hills.  I will remember to bring
t-shirts that aren't white...not a good color to wear on the ATV's or in the woods.  
And a big thanks to Greg & Diane for letting us bunk in your cabin!  We love you guys! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Barney Live

Saturday we had the opportunity to FINALLY see Barney Live in concert.  Taylor was over the moon excited and couldn't wait to see him!  She has been asking for quite some time if and when Barney was coming to Denver.  I searched the internet on several occasions with no luck of Denver tour dates.  Thank goodness Papa knew he was coming...we ended up with Dino Seats...that's fancy for front row seats AND a chance to meet Barney before the show.  Taylor was super duper excited!

Here is the #1 Barney fan waiting to meet her favorite dinosaur!

Family Photo with the big guy himself.

Best Buds!

Momma & Taylor before the show.

Show Time!  Front Row!

Look closely...Taylor was on the monitor several times...must have been her fabulous dance moves.

So happy!

She danced the ENTIRE show...all 2 hours of it!

Riff came off stage and Taylor ran in for a hug...she's in his arms in this picture.

And then Baby Bop got a hug too...

Taylor and the performers getting their groove on.  She followed their every move.

Taylor absolutely loved the show.  She even told me later that night that it was "the best day of her life!"  She cried when the show was over and has asked several times if we can go see Barney on stage again.  Some day kiddo, some day!